Ekka 2020

Vehicle Access Request

The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland. By-Laws Section 16 (i) & (j)

(i) No vehicle (within the meaning set out in the Traffic Acts for the State of Queensland) shall enter the Grounds under the control of the Association without the authority of an Official of the Brisbane Showgrounds and such vehicle shall remain on the Grounds only for the purpose authorized.

(j) An Official of the Brisbane Showgrounds may require the removal from any part of the said Grounds to such place as he may decide of any unauthorized vehicle and shall be entitled to remove and employ all reasonable force for the removal of the vehicle; and without limiting the right of the Association to damages or distress, shall be entitled to charge the Owner of the vehicle with the cost of its removal. The Association or any Official thereof shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Owner of the vehicle.

This access request form is for organisations or individuals who have a valid and lawful purpose to enter the Brisbane Showgrounds on the dates stipulated by them. Any person found to request access, who does not have a valid and lawful purpose will be refused access and may be referred to the relevant authorities. You will receive an APPROVAL email if your request is successful. This email must be produced at the gate and displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle whilst on site.

You must select each individual day that access is required.
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The person named is the primary driver of the vehicle.
All persons driving this vehicle are competent to do so.
All persons driving the vehicle are appropriately licenced.
The vehicle is roadworthy, registered (or exempt) and has current CTP certification.